How Long Do Bed Bugs Live For and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

How long do bed bugs live for“Don’t let the bed bugs bite”

Ugh, this phrase officially haunts me now as I spent about six months trying to get rid of the bed bugs that had taken over my home.

Within that time I have read what seems to be every single piece of information that exists on bed bugs.

I mean, I wanted to know the best way to kill them, I wanted to know the best products to use, I wanted to know why they chose my home to infest and I wanted to know how long do bed bugs live?

Anything I could learn about this pesky pests, I wanted to know – and I’m sure you feel the same way.

Which is exactly why I started up this site – to help you get control of your bed bug situation and ultimately cleanse your house once and for all!

One of the biggest questions I had was how long do bed bugs live? So I wanted to write a post dedicated to that exact question.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live?

When you have them in your bed, it feels like they live forever, doesn’t it?

But how long do bed bugs live really?

Well, bed bugs actually have six life stages.


Yes, six. And yes, I agree, that is a lot for one little bug!

Typically these pests shed their skin through ecdysis (the process of a bug shedding skin or a casting off its shell) at each of their life stages, which look like clear and empty shells of the bug itself.

Bed bugs must go through this process six different times (consuming blood in order to shed its shell) before becoming adults that can produce eggs.

Each of these stages only typically last about a week, depending on temperature and availability of food.

So, long do bed bugs live? Well, all 6 of these life stages could be over within two months, causing the bed bug to die in as little as 8 weeks.

It is because of their rapid egg production that causes these pests to multiply so quickly – with a female able to lay 3-4 eggs per day. What’s worse is that if the female is well fed and living in optimal conditions she could end up living for up to 9 months – potentially laying up to 500 eggs in that time!


Now that I’ve answered “how long do bed bugs live” let’s look at another question: What can you do to get rid of them once and for all?

How Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs Once and For All?


This product helped us turn the tide with our bed bug issue.

While you may hear many people suggest testing out food grade Diatomaceous Earth it may not be the absolute best solution to your bed bug problem.

I tried it out when I first noticed my bites and while it seemed to work temporarily they came back within about a month.

Once I realized I was getting bitten again I started searching for the most potent (yet safe for pets and kids) solution to kill them once and for all.

I discovered a product called FabriClear, read some great reviews on the product and decided to test it out.

Well, that was the last product I tried and I haven’t had to deal with those annoying bugs since!

Not only am I relieved (to say the least!) that I don’t have to spend the big money to get my place fumigated, I am beyond happy to no longer have to deal with itchy bites and frustrating sleeps.

I wrote a whole review on FabriClear if you want to check that out. Or, if you are just looking for a solution that works immediately, click the link below to be taken to the official website where you can read even more about FabriClear.

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