FabriClear: Will it Actually Get Rid of Bed Bugs For Good?


How well does FabriClear actually work?

The tell-tale itchiness. The bite marks. The stains on your mattress. Those pesky bugs that are so small you can barely see them, but can turn your whole world upside down if you don’t deal with them.

You know what I’m talking about.

Yep. Bed bugs.

Not only are they annoying but they are embarrassing! I should know, I had them multiple times and have tried what feels like just about every treatment out there!

I felt embarrassed to have others over to my home, humiliated at the looks I would get when I told someone I had bed bugs and have spent hundreds of dollars on steam cleaning, dry cleaning, countless products and fumigation’s – only to be left with the same problem.

So how do we get bed bugs in the first place and how did FabriClear help me get rid of mine? Read on.

Why Do We Get Bed Bugs?

Essentially, you can get bed bugs through a number of different ways. This could be as simple as your pet coming in from outside with them attached to its fur, a neighbor who has them walking into your house, sitting in a movie theater, or an old tenant not informing management that they had a bed bug problem.

And those are just a few of the many ways you can get bed bugs.

But what are they attracted to and why do they seem to love living in our beds?

Simply put, bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, ie. the gas we emit every minute of every day.

Bed bugs also love warmth and are nocturnal pests which is why they only come out at night and are so attracted to human skin – because when you’re sleeping you are all warm and cozy and giving off a ton of carbon dioxide throughout the night, making you the perfect candidate to feed these pesky critters.

So how does FabriClear work to get rid of these bugs? It is a common question and one I want to address, along with many other factors, throughout my FabriClear review.

What is FabriClear?

Basically FabriClear is a non-toxic, biodegradable spray that works to treat your bed bug problem upon contact. Meaning you just spray it, let it sit and within hours your bed bugs are gone! At this stage it’s quite possible one of the best bed bug sprays on the market.

It does this through its specially designed formula that has proven to be more effective than food grade Diatomaceous Earth – once thought to be the only product to eliminate bed bugs.

You can use FabriClear on pillows, beds, cushions, bare mattresses, duvet covers, carpets, rugs, curtains, drapes and most furniture. It is fast acting and doesn’t stain wherever you spray it, however you should still be cautious and test a small section of fabric prior to spraying if you are worried about potential damage.

My FabriClear Review

I figured while I’m listing all of the information I know (and could find) on FabriClear, I might as well give my own personal FabriClear review so you know how it helped clear our home of bed bugs.

My FabriClear review starts a few months back when I was so frustrated with our bed bug problem, I was ready to move out of our home once and for all.

It seemed like no matter what we did, nothing worked.

As I have mentioned we tried steam cleaning, flea powder, pricey fumigation’s, washing all of our clothes multiple times on the hottest setting our washer could take, and it did nothing.

It wasn’t until my husband and I were up late one night (thanks to our inability to get a proper night’s sleep because of how bad our bed bugs were) when we saw an infomercial for FabriClear.

We were so desperate at this point that we would have tried bringing in a bed bug whisperer if it meant our home would be free of them!

So we ordered ourselves a bottle (and received a second full-sized bottle and 2 travel-sized bottles for free!) and within a few short days we had it in our hands.

Immediately we sprayed just about every surface we could. Then we sat and waited.

Knowing that FabriClear is said to work upon initial contact we were eager to go to bed that night and see if we woke up with any new bites.

Just to make sure, we actually got a marker and placed a little dot beside each of our existing bites so we could see if we did in fact get bit again while sleeping.

The next morning we jumped out of bed, eager to examine our skin for bites.

To our shock (and relief) we actually did not have one new bite! We thought it was too good to be true so each night for the rest of the week we kept marking our bites. Slowly but surely the bites started fading away with no new marks showing up.

We were floored!

We gave our entire place a healthy scrub down, washed whatever we could wash and steam cleaned the rest. From that day on we have not had one more instance of bed bugs.

I know it sounds too good to be true – we thought that too! – but that is simply how potent FabriClear is on bed bugs.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering (as I was), how does it work and if it is so potent how can it be safe to use?

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How Does FabriClear Work?

As mentioned above, FabriClear is a safe and biodegradable formula that is not only safe to be used inside but it will also not harm your children or pets.

It helps to kill dust mites, eggs, larvae and other tiny pests you might be having problems with by penetrating deep into the fabric fibers and killing right on contact.

It also provides lasting results so once you spray it once, you shouldn’t have to do it again.

For best results, coat your affected areas with FabriClear and give it a day or so to really do its job. From there you can then steam clean and wash whatever surfaces you have sprayed it onto.

It is best (if you are washing any drapes or sheets etc..) to wash them on the highest temperature setting and then dry them at the highest setting to avoid any future complications.

Are There Any Downsides to Using FabriClear?

As of today there are no reported side effects nor has anyone experienced any adverse reactions.

Because this formula is safe and biodegradable it shouldn’t cause any irritation and will not stain your sheets, pillows, carpets or drapes.

The only minor thing to note is that some people with extremely sensitive skin has experienced a slight irritation. However, these customers have reported previous skin conditions prior to using FabriClear.

So what are other customers saying about their decision to buy FabriClear? I’ve listed a few FabriClear reviews from other customers below.

FabriClear Reviews

I know that when my husband and I first decided to buy FabriClear, we wanted to read other FabriClear reviews to hear what other bed bug sufferers had thought of it.

To save you the time and hassle, I listed a few of my favorite FabriClear reviews below.

“Try it to believe it used it in the problem area the results was unbelievable no more bugs and the smell is non toxic and works on fabric, railings, bed post, floors, sheets and much more happy with this product. Thank you”
- Tyler, Amazon.com

“This spray is awesome. I thought the bottle would be larger, but that okay because it worked. Came before original date and that was great. Thanks”
- Lynm, Amazon.com

“Seems to be working so far. I didn’t have a major infestation and I used it with mattress and box spring covers. I haven’t seen any bugs or had any bites since I used it”
- shegrr, Amazon.com

Now that you have seen some other FabriClear reviews, you might want to know where the best place to buy FabriClear is.

Where to Buy FabriClear

When looking to buy FabriClear it is best you know the most affordable place to buy FabriClear so you not only get the best price but you get your order as fast as possible.

After my husband and I saw the FabriClear infomercial we hit the web to do a little bit of research and found a bunch of sites hawking FabriClear.

Finally, after much price comparison we chose to buy FabriClear through the company’s official website. And here is why:

When you choose to order FabriClear from the company’s main website you not only get their 30 day money-back guarantee but you also get to take advantage of their special discount.

That means when you order FabriClear from the company’s site you pay $19.95 but you also get another free full-sized bottle of FabriClear for free plus 2 free travel-sized bottles of FabriClear.

These travel-sized bottles are amazing if you travel a lot and stay in hotels, hostels or anywhere you might want to spray down before going to bed.

Because FabriClear kills bed bugs on contact, you can simply spray and then sleep.

We personally really appreciated this deal (2 full-sized bottles and 2 travel-sized bottles for $19.95) and could not find a similar deal on any other website we checked.

Another reason why we chose to go with the official website over a third-party website is not only that we liked the money-back guarantee but we also felt reassured knowing that our product would be manufactured and shipped with care – something the third-party websites didn’t seem to promise.

All in all, if you are hitting your limit with a bed bug problem and don’t know what else to do to get rid of them, consider trying out FabriClear.

Not only will it eliminate your bed bug problem safely but it will do it almost instantaneously.

To check out the official website or learn more about FabriClear, click the link below.

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