The Best Way To Kill Bed Bugs Once And For All!

Best way to kill bed bugsThey bite, they itch, they irritate and they spread, fast! Bed bugs are one of those things you wished you never had to experience because once you do, they are incredibly hard to get rid of.

I should know, I unknowingly moved into an apartment with them and have spent the better part of the year trying to get rid of them.

Which is why I know exactly how you must be feeling right now and it’s the main reason I wanted to start up this site: To help you find the best way to kill bed bugs, for good.

I have tried what feels like every homemade and store-bought solution under the sun, all to no avail.

It wasn’t until I finally saw a late-night infomercial after a restless and itchy night trying to sleep that I finally discovered the best way to kill bed bugs.

So, in the interest of saving you time, money and irritation, let’s get into it…

A Useful Homemade Solution

Flea powder for bed bugs

A useful do it yourself solution that will help prevention

I get it, not everyone wants to hire a pest control company to come in, turn their home upside down and spray it with their toxic fumes; let alone sleep on a mattress that has been saturated in high-grade bug spray.

Fortunately there is a solution that you can do yourself that may offer a bit of a reprieve, and allow you to get some rest without being feasted on by these little critters.

All you have to do is head to your local pet store and pick up a bottle of flea and tick powder. This powder works to dehydrate bed bugs and ultimately kill them.

From there you simply sprinkle the powder around the perimeter of your room and bed. Once the bugs cross through the powder it covers them, starts to dehydrate them and they eventually die.

While this can be effective, if you have a more severe situation on your hands, it may not be the best way to kill bed bugs.

The Absolute Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

If you are looking to eradicate your home of bed bugs, you are going to want to find a potent solution that not only kills bed bugs fast but is safe for you to live around.


This product helped us turn the tide with our bed bug issue.

The product that worked the best for me and ultimately got rid of my bed bugs for good is FabriClear.

I wrote a whole review on it here, but I’ll explain it a little bit to give you the gist of what this product did for me and why I am convinced it is the best way to kill bed bugs.

Essentially, FabriClear is a safe and non-toxic solution to killing bed bugs. It works rapidly to kill these blood-sucking bugs once and for all and allows you the peace of mind to actually enjoy a night’s sleep for once!

It’s also environmentally safe, will not harm your pets nor will it affect your children.

I used it around my entire home (I didn’t want to risk missing one!) and within about 2 applications my bed bugs were completely gone.

If you want to read more about exactly how FabriClear works and why it is the best way to kill bed bugs (and other annoying pests!), click here.

Or simply watch this video for even more information on this simple solution.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer in silence with bed bugs anymore. There are solutions available to you, that are not only discreet but safe. You just need to find the one that works best for your particular infestation.

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